About me

Possibility of a Sea...

a story on rehabilitation and conservation of a sea... and of myself...

My journey in search for personal physical and mental rehabilitation (following 3 war injuries) brought me to the sea... 

Led by my imagination, morals, and creativity - I started the long voyage of observation and learning, conservation, healing and improving of the tropical marine environment (reefs & shores) - in countries and islands in Southeast Asia and the South Caribbean (www.seedislands.org).

During my over 30 years of journeys and doing in this magical world of reefs, beaches and its surroundings - and among those who live next and of it: fishermen, scientists, tourists and (too much) "human destruction, abusement and arrogancy" - I collected the visions, colors, movements, and sensations, combined with observing and sensing the process of the disappearance of this magical world... the reasons to it and the sea's nature self healing, overcoming and rehabilitating...

​My works are telling this story...

Printed on various materials (Tempered glass, HD Metal ChromaLuxe, Dibond and Perspex) – my works are combined with natural rocks and structured as underwater installments for exhibition, rehabilitation of the marine life and protecting the shore, applied and integrated into interior and outdoor design (furniture, walls, gardening, and pools) and presented in galleries and exhibitions...

...and I do this art while continuing to dedicate my best humble capabilities to conserve and "heal" the wonderful marine environment…


  • "POSSIBILITY OF A SEA" Invasive species + - Einan Gallery, Modiin, Israel - March 2 - Now under Corona Virus detention

  • "POSSIBILITY OF A SEA" Invasive species - Jerusalem Theater, Rebecca Crown Gallery, Israel - January 3 till February 2, 2020

  • "POSSIBILITY OF A SEA" Invasive species - Cinematheque Tel-Aviv, Israel - December 12th till 31, 2019 

  • CONTEMPORARY VENICE – Venice, Italy - December 5th, 2018 - January 11th, 2019

  • SCOPE MIAMI BEACH - Miami Beach, FL, USA - December 4th - December 9th, 2018   

  • "POSSIBILITY OF A SEA" - Beit Halochem, Tel Aviv, Israel – October 8th – October 31th, 2018

  • ART TAKES SOHO - New York, NY, USA - September 26th, 2018 

  • "MONEY TALKS" – Ein Hod, Israel – August 18th – September 2nd, 2018

  • THE NATURAL WORLD – Miami Beach, FL, USA - December 1st – December 6th, 2015

  • "THERE'S A SEA" – Ramat Aviv Mall, Tel Aviv, Israel - June 2nd – June 30th, 2014

Professional Concept

Focus areas and activities

  • Marine and coastal zones conservation and management - Policy and strategy planning, consulting, guidance and on-site ecosystem management and implementation;

  • Social and economic development - Scientific and Ecotourism development;

  • Design, Art, and Documentation;

  • Marine and earth sciences - Integrated cross-disciplinary research on sustainability in marine and coastal contexts, holistic teaching using islands as a study context with unique challenges



Amos Gazit 

Marine and Coastal Zones Conservation, Development & Management 


Independent Specialist & member of the SEED Consortium


SEED CONSORTIUM: Sustainable Social, Economic, and Environmental Development

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