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Amos Gazit

Conservationist of marine nvironment Photographer and Designer 

Amos Gazit met the sea over 35 years ago, during his life's journey for physical and mental rehabilitation following his third and final injury in the Yom  Kippur Day War. Over the years he acted as a member of conservation and research organizations, mainly in countries and islands in Southeast Asia and the Southern Caribbean. Over the years he records the sights, colors, movement and sensations of the sea.

תמונה (צילום אביגיל עוזי).jpg

Photo: Abigail Uzi


Awards and publications 

Amos' works have been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Israel, Italy and the USA, and have been published in articles, books and art websites around the world.

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Write to me here for the full catalog of works, exhibitions and marine conservation projects

Amos Gazit 

Phone: 972-054-7884745


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